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Every Second Counts


What is LifeSpot? 

LifeSpot Saves Lives

During a violent active shooter event, the 911 system gets quickly overloaded, blocking communication and leading to chaos.

LifeSpot's innovative smartphone technology tracks a user’s location in real-time, while simultaneously allowing them to notify emergency responders of their status and identify life-threatening injuries without interfering with the 911 system.

Emergency responders have the technology available on laptops, desktops, MDTs, and on their smartphones to assist with a quicker and more effective response towards resolution.

Give your staff the tools to increase their odds of survival – we have the best ways to accomplish that goal.

The 7 Challenges of an Active Shooter Threat

LifeSpot has revolutionized the way that people call for help during live shooter threats.  Learn more about how LifeSpot works to solve the seven challenges of every active shooter threat, and keep your school or business safe.

High School Friends
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Industries We Serve



Since 2014 there are have been multiple school shootings in 49 out of 50 states. LifeSpot is leading the way in active shooter response to help keep your children safe.

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With the increase in shootings at workplaces and in corporate settings, it has never been more important to have a system in place to protect your staff and coworkers.

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While violence has increased at places of worship, LifeSpot  has been a leader in bringing safety solutions into churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious institutions.

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Concert and event venues have increasingly become targets of violence.  LifeSpot can help you prepare your venue for
the possibility of a violent attack.

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How We Are Different

Easy Installation and no equipment to buy

LifeSpot is an app that is launched from your smartphone.  No software is installed on the computer system of your school or business,
and no hardware or other equipment is needed to use the LifeSpot system.  Learn more about how Lifespot is different from the competition.


Direct Connections to Law Enforcement

LifeSpot is the only safety response system that includes a platform for Law Enforcement  along with the system for your school or business.

Read more  about how local Law Enforcement is a vital partner with LifeSpot in our mission to decrease response times during active shooter events. 


Instant Alerts to Multiple Agencies

LifeSpot's groundbreaking technology simultaneously alerts
5 essential groups in seconds, saving precious time. 







What People Are Saying

LifeSpot is a game changer in large venue safety and security.  This app allows Law Enforcement to have real-time access to event personnel and plan for patron safety.  Luckily, at the 80th Pikes Peaks or Bust Rodeo we didn’t have to use LifeSpot but it gave me great peace of mind knowing that we had planned for and were ready to activate it should the need have arisen. 

Michael D. McCoy


Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo


"The app is very user-friendly no matter the age group. LifeSpot does an outstanding job in streamlining the C2 (Command and Control) process and puts the First Responders directly in communication with those who
have the most-up-to-date information. And in critical moments, time is your most crucial asset."

Felix M. Simon V

Security Manager,

Selma, TX


"I am not a tech person... But the Lifespot app is so easy to operate, navigate, and understand. I am thrilled that my district will soon have this app in our back pocket along with the giant hope that we never have to use it... It is flat out obvious that you all are here to help us, and make every attempt possible to save a life in the event a disaster strikes.”

William Cross
Director of Operations, Lytle ISD
Lytle, TX 


LifeSpot in the News

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 1.06.49 PM.png

Page County Public Schools launch app to improve response time in active shooter situations.  Watch the video

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 1.01.36 PM.png

San Antonio police train with new tool to respond to active shooter events.   Read the story

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