Seconds matter.
Prepare your team to survive an active threat event.

Today's Safety & Security Challenges


During an active shooter or active threat event, survival is measured in seconds. These violent events continue to occur with increased frequency at diverse types of venues. People still have this belief that emergency responders, Police, Fire, and EMS are the first responders, but in reality, the potential victims are the first responders. Programs currently being taught to individuals, corporations, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions have not evolved to increase the probability of survival. An effective response mandates these techniques and tactics be expanded upon while remaining easy to remember and follow during a stressful situation.

The Solutions:

LifeSpot App & 5 F's Active Threat Training

LifeSpot App

Lifesaving technology for Active Threat Response

LifeSpot has been featured on both Fox31 and KWGN 2 News. When a violent, active threat event occurs, the 911 system quickly becomes overloaded – communication is clogged and chaos ensues without a coordinated response. Information must flow from the points of attack directly to the responders and coordinators. LifeSpot provides the solution.


5 F’s Active Threat Training

Developed by law enforcement and military professionals with decades of experience surviving hostile environments, the 5 F’s program mentally prepares and empowers individuals with the proper survival mindset and skills to make real-time, educated decisions.

Further, many injuries unfortunately end in death – not because they were instantaneous, but because they were not treated quickly enough. With simple, evidence-based training. Everyone has the ability to treat these injuries and increase the survivability of victims. No matter how rapid the arrival of emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on scene. An individual who is bleeding can die from blood loss within a matter of minutes. Your goal is to give these victims the greatest chance for survival. Our program provides the training and tools necessary to accomplish this goal.

Through in-person or video based training, your team (the true first responders) can be confident in providing an effective response to an already chaotic situation with proven options designed to increase the odds of survival before, during, and after a violent, active threat event.


See What Others Are Saying About LifeSpot

“The instant communication right to the police and right to our local command center and it gives employees accurate information as to what they’re supposed to do and what their needs are – it’s something that we were totally missing.”