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LifeSpot for Pre-Schools


Although it is difficult to think of pre-schools as being the target of a violent attack, the sad reality is that every public place is susceptible and schools are often targets, even schools for the most vulnerable among us.   LifeSpot can help create a plan for your pre-school that helps teachers and staff feel prepared and ready to teach young children what to do in a live shooter event.  LifeSpot will ensure you are ready in the event that the unthinkable happens.

Notification in seconds

Once a LifeSpot alert is activated, teachers, employees, staff, or any LifeSpot user will be notified of a possible active threat via their mobile phones almost instantly.


Instantaneous updates from responders

LifeSpot users are updated when law enforcement is on the way, and when they arrive on the scene.

Critical messaging with law enforcement

LifeSpot’s chat feature allows LifeSpot users to communicate directly and instantaneously with law enforcement.

Life saving user statuses

LifeSpot users can mark an injury status, giving law enforcement their location to speed up medical response.


Real-Time location details

Law enforcement can view the live locations of teachers, employees, staff and other LifeSpot users during a live alert.


Identification of armed personnel

If your organization utilizes armed staff members, law enforcement is made aware of who they are and their location at the time of the threat.

Faster and more Efficient Reunification

LifeSpot's communication and identification tools mean faster reunification with loved ones once the threat is over.

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