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When a violent, active threat event occurs, the 911 system quickly becomes overloaded – communication is clogged and chaos ensues without a coordinated response. Information must flow from the points of attack directly to the responders and coordinators. LifeSpot provides the solution.
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The LifeSpot Technology

Here is how LifeSpot can help save precious seconds, and lives in the event of an active threat.

Alert All Personnel

All authorized team members are immediately notified in the event of an active threat. Personnel are able to view the location of the initial alert and their position relative to the alert.

Notify Emergency Services

In addition to calling 911, alerts are sent directly to mobile devices and desktops of participating emergency agencies – decreasing response time and supplementing the 911 system.*

Text With On-Scene Responders
Communication is vital during an emergency. Text directly with on-scene LifeSpot Command modules of emergency responders.

Tracking During an Event
LifeSpot provides solutions for real-time tracking of all personnel during an event in order to expedite assistance by emergency responders. Personnel is color-coded according to their chosen status.

Active Shooter and Active Threat
Application - LifeSpot Can Save Lives
Our team is dedicated to providing realistic and experienced-based principles for safety and security issues within your corporation, educational institution, church, hospital, or another potential multi-victim venue during an armed attacker event.  PPD combines real-life experience with modern technology to increase the odds of survival in a life-threatening situation. Our program will help Prepare the mindset of your people to Protect themselves and Defend others.


The History of the LifeSpot App
Our innovative, technology – LifeSpot is a simple to use smartphone technology that reminds the user to follow the 5 F’s program while simultaneously tracking their location in real-time. Through simple, easy-to-use dashboards, users are able to notify emergency responders of their real-time status and identify life-threatening injuries without interfering with the 911 system. Your staff is able to start a response quickly and effectively by directly notifying emergency responders and other staff members.  Notifications occur throughout the event, empowering everyone to make informed decisions.  Emergency responders have the technology available in vehicles, iPad devices, and on their smartphones to assist with a quicker and more effective response towards resolution and reunification. You owe it to your staff to increase their odds of survival – we have the best ways to accomplish that goal.

How The App Helps in an Active Shooter Situation
Our team is committed to preparing you for an active threat. All programs are customized for your organization and can be taught through personal, and video instruction. In addition, your organization will receive access to our secure site for continued online video training from industry experts in critical thinking, tactical response, threat recognition, psychological recovery, and casualty care. Our dedication is to saving lives through extraordinary preparation.

Upon Alert - All 5 of these groups are notified in seconds

  • All Staff

  • Responding Officer

  • Commanding Officers

  • 911 Dispatchers

  • Fire & EMS

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