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Join us November 19th, 2022

The School Safety Event of The Year!
Don't miss Dave Walcher, former Sheriff of Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, Colorado, & Brian Abbas, the Director of the Center to Keep and Bear Arms at Mountain States Legal Foundation, speak about the Claire Davis School Safety Act (C.R.S. 24-10-106.3)

Register Here for the
2nd Annual School Safety Event
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Our Speakers

Brett Titus

Lecture Title: False Sense of Security.

Brett is a 30yr retired law enforcement and military veteran, and the owner and founder of LifeSpot. During his professional experience as a police officer for a full-time K9/SWAT team with the Denver Police Department in CO, he has participated in over 2800 high-risk tactical operations with several hundred of those ending in critical life and death incidents. Brett has been committed to sharing his life experiences to educate others on becoming safer and more prepared for a crisis event. 

Paul Gass

Lecture Title: Layering of Security.

Paul completed 33 years of combined service (Active Duty and Reserve Duty) with the U.S. Army as an enlisted member and later as an officer.  He served in both conventional Army units and in Special Operations units.  Paul retired on 01 June 2017 as a Colonel from the 321st Civil Affairs Brigade in San Antonio, TX.  With numerous assignments and positions within his military career, he had commanded five separate units, ranging from small tactical detachment and company-size elements to several hundred battalion-size elements. 

He deployed overseas multiple times in support of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti, Operation Iraqi Freedom and into post-earthquake Haiti working with USAID Office of Disaster Assistance (OFDA) at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Paul was recently the Director of Security for San Antonio Christian School where he served for four and a half years– a private Christian-based school hosting Pre-K through 12th Grade students in San Antonio, Texas.

Trevor Materasso & Mark Williams

Lecture Title:  A Time to Teach, to Learn, and to Act. We will show you.

Trevor is a Colorado native who aspired to be a police officer at an early age, and attended K-12 in a rural setting. He has been an officer for 23 years. He has served as a public information officer, SET Fugitive/Gang Supervisor, Advisor to the Chief, and SWAT Team Leader. He now serves as the SWAT Commander and runs a Patrol shift.  Throughout his career Trevor has instructed in various tactics and skills ranging from firearms, arrest control, defensive tactics, officer survival and Taser. He is certified to instruct a multitude of disciplines and for years has helped teach at regional police academies. His passion for teaching carries him to instruct in the private sector.


Mark has been a professional firearms and tactics instructor for 16 years. Mark served in the United States Marine Corps from 2006 to 2011 and deployed multiple times. His specialties included; personnel and site security, maritime anti-piracy, counter-terrorism, and combat operations abroad. Mark is now a Battalion Chief / Special Operations Chief for Windsor Severance Fire Rescue and coordinates Active Shooter and Hostile Event Response (ASHER) for his agency. 

Evan Todd

Lecture Title: Lessons from Columbine.

Evan Todd is a survivor of the Columbine Massacre. He is a small business owner and a vocal advocate for life and liberty. He is unapologetic in his support of the Second Amendment, despite the fact that Evan was the first student shot in the library.  

Since the Columbine Massacre, Evan has spoken literally coast to coast and across America to hundreds of public and private high schools, colleges, churches, youth groups, business groups, and many other organizations. He has traveled to Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom to share his message. Evan is a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, class of 2019, when he was also honored to be named that year’s Defender of the Declaration.

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