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Brett Titus


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Brett began his life of serving and protecting in 1989 when he enlisted in the United States Air Force. After an honorable discharge, he hired on with the Denver Police Department in 1993.

After six years as a patrol officer, Brett was assigned to the Department’s full-time METRO SWAT/K9 Unit in 1999 until his retirement in 2019.  

He has deployed and participated in over 2800 high-risk tactical operations with several hundred of those ending in critical life and death incidents. As the creator of an internationally recognized SWAT/K9 training program, Brett has trained and provided lectures to over 8000 Police, SWAT and K9 officers around the country. He has also shared his life experiences with several thousand citizens to better educate them on becoming safer and more prepared for a crisis event. 

Leslie Titus

VP of Operations

Leslie grew up in Littleton, Colorado raised by entrepreneurial parents for a startup tech company.  To leverage a comprehensive understanding of dedication and commitment, "Aim High', she joined the USAF out of high school. After 4yrs in the military, and receiving an undergraduate degree in criminal justice she hired on with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in 1998.  In 2004, Leslie met Brett and by 2008 they were already working together developing programs and training seminars for law enforcement and military personnel specializing in further education.  With her entire professional career centered around interpersonal skills and customer service, she prefers behind the scenes support of the day-to-day operations.


"My husband has an inviting, no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to teaching people from his experience; he will tell you what worked for him and what did not, without an ego involved".  Leslie believes that Brett's personal and professional expertise that was the mastermind behind LifeSpot will empower individuals to focus, think realistically, be present, and take action in a crisis situation to make themselves or others safer and increase survivability.      

Jake Kendrick

Director of Software Engineering

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After several months of consulting for LifeSpot, Jake fell in love with the company’s mission.


He is currently leading the design and development of LifeSpot Technology, which consists of multi-platform mobile applications, websites, desktop applications, and a backend server architecture gluing them all together.

Jake graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Computer Science, as well as minors in mechanical engineering and materials science. He specializes in Flutter, the Dart programming language, iOS development, Python, and more. He is a passionate coder and technology enthusiast, and he fervently believes that mobile technology has the power to shape the future of safety and preparedness.

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Chris Herman

Business Consultant

Chris Herman was hired by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office in 2004. During his career he has served as a Patrol Deputy, School Resource Officer, SWAT Team Leader, Equine Handler, and Narcotics Detective. Chris has been involved in thousands of tactical operations, including the Planned Parenthood Active Shooter event in November of 2015.  Chris has received multiple awards for his work with school safety and his instructional course on single officer response to an active shooter.  Further, he holds two Distinguished Service Medals as well as two Life-Saving Medals. 


Chris was first introduced to Lifespot in 2020 when Brett Titus, CEO, brought Lifespot to one of the schools where he was assigned as a School Resource Officer.  At the end of the presentation, Chris was so impressed by all of the challenges Lifespot was able to solve, he asked to become part of the team while still in the meeting.  Since that time Chris has been able to assist in sharing Lifespot's lifesaving technology throughout multiple schools, businesses, and churches across the United States.  Chris is also one of our lead instructors for our 5F's Active Threat Training.

Darlene Sanchez

Administrative Assistant

Darleen grew up in San Diego, CA and moved to Colorado in 2000.  She has personal expertise in the martial arts and women’s self defense.  Her professional background in client and product service spans from owning and operating her own catering business, security and protection in schools, and maintaining operations for law enforcement and military events and conferences.


“I’ve been friends with Brett and Leslie since I moved to Colorado, our families are very close, so I have first knowledge about their passion for trying to make our communities safer.  I’ve worked in the Cherry Creek school district since 2013, specifically in the safety and security of our kids.  When Brett shared the idea of LifeSpot with me, I totally understood the value immediately.  I always have my cell phone with me and having LifeSpot in the palm of my hand, god forbid, in a the event of a life or death crisis situation makes me feel safer and gives me the confidence that I can get the help I need faster.  That to me is priceless!”  

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