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Building with a Pool

CoMMUNITIES with private security 

LifeSpot can be used for added safety and preparation measures in the case of any threatening, crisis, or medical situation in your community, high rise, or residential development.

LifeSpot works to keep your Residential Community safer.

LifeSpot app only works if your residential community development that has its own private security team. 

Suburb Neighbourhood
High Rise Condos/Apartments

Private Residential Neighborhoods

Challenges Solved
  1. Response Time.  LifeSpot can take several minutes off response time for your security team in case of a life-threatening or medical situation.

  2. Notification.  Upon Alert - Within 6 seconds, users within your group and security officers will be notified.  The activator will also go directly to 911.    

  3. Location.  Gives the approximate crisis location to your security team and other users in your group.

  4. Communication.  Gives users and your security team the capability to use instant text messaging between each other.

  5. Identification.  Identifies any armed residents to your security team if you choose to share that information.

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