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Meet the Team

The team of Prepare Protect Defend, LLC. is experienced law enforcement and military professionals who have spent over fifty years serving and protecting our country and communities. While combining their unique real-world experience and their passion to provide safety for others, they developed the 5 F’s Active Threat Program and LifeSpot Technology to save lives. The curriculum has been reviewed by some of the most experienced law enforcement and military special operations professionals across the nation. Our program will help Prepare the mindset of your people to Protect themselves and Defend others. In addition, we have a nationally recognized medical director, Dr. Peter Pons, and have partnered with Nicoletti-Flater Associates, PLLP – specialists in public safety psychology, crisis intervention, trauma recovery and violence prevention.

Brett Titus


Brett started his law enforcement career in 1989 when he enlisted in the United States Air Force. After an honorable discharge, he hired on with the Denver Police Department, in Denver, Colorado in 1993. After six years as a patrol officer, Brett was assigned to the Department’s full-time METRO SWAT/K9 Unit in 1999, where he continues to work today with the team and his 3rd K9 partner, “Vis”.

He has deployed and participated in over 2500 high-risk tactical operations to include hostage rescue and active shooter resolution. As the creator of the internationally recognized TacDogs training program, Brett has trained and provided lectures to over 7500 SWAT/K9 officers around the country. He has written numerous police department SWAT/K9 deployment policies and training manuals. In addition, Brett is recognized as a Use of Force expert.

He is author of The Oscar Dog, a book that was meant to honor “Oscar” and share the incredible stories on the streets of Denver that Brett experienced with his 1st PSD (police service dog).